Chicago Defender (Newspaper)

“I heard a quote, ‘If you want to know what African American people are going through, check out the music of that time period.’ I feel like that in some kind of way, our music and sound reflect what we’re dealing with as a people."

by Mary L. Datcher

Modern Drummer (Magazine)

"A former Yellowjacket and his creative/life partner drop a funky and finely detailed collection that isn’t shy to show a little tenderness or to head down lots of creative avenues."

by Robin Tolleson

Jazz Da Gama (Canada)

"God is in The House ever after. You’re in church, at a carnival, in the club, at the Jook Joint; indeed you’ll want to be wherever The Baylor Project is."

by Raul Da Gama

The Temple News (Temple University)

"Former lacrosse player and husband make music: ’This is what we were born to do’"

“Other genres, pop, R&B, rock, they’re usually tied to the hook and tied to the catchiness of the music that someone is going to repeat over and over again, where jazz isn’t that type of situation,” Jean said. “For me, it was coming full circle back into jazz music, but as we got further into the project, we realized that we just kind of wanted to tell our story as individuals and as a unit.”

by Evan Easterling

Urban Music Scene

Married musicians vocalist Jean Baylor and drummer Marcus Baylor have created a captivating “project” that meets at the 3-way intersection of Jazz, Gospel and Legacy. Brimming with aural snapshots of their individual roots and the sacred space where they come together, it is a very unique album that soothes the soul and takes some standards into sumptuous realms of mistiness.

by A. Scott Galloway

Jazz FM (Bulgaria)

"The Journey" is a journey of Jean and Marcus Baylor back to the deep world of the artist and to the layers and the things moving it and make it meaningful. "The Journey" is a journey for the listener, led by skilled storytellers. The project is marked by intimacy and sharing, and some of the songs sound like a prayer."


Gina Loves

"Here is another great example of genre-crossing music where it really doesn’t matter how you want to call it. There is a lot of jazz, soul, funk, r&b, gospel, and spititual included in the new album by Jean and Marcus Baylor."

by Matthias Kirsh




Improvijazzation Nation

"I give Jean, Marcus & their musical friends a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this wonderful jazz experience!"

by Dick Metcalf


"Together, The Baylors released The Journey on February 10th, their self-produced debut which is a mixture of gospel, blues, soul, and jazz  and shows their unique and authentic musicianship."

-Dominique Carson

London Jazz New

"Nevertheless it’s a generous, charming album with a rich sound which places a marker in the sand and promises a solid future. The abiding strength of the project is its joyousness, and that counts for a lot."