Jean Baylor: Formerly part of Zhané, one of the better R & B projects of the 90s. Now the quiet-minded part of the Baylor network. Marcus Baylor: 10 years the rhythm giver of the Yellowjackets, washed with all jazz waters. Now the mover The Baylors, with the tendency to operate the mobile phone during joyous tours in the automobile. Both together since 2010. Jazz, soul, songs for the feast and faith. The Jean with two own album, Marcus always there - together then by means of "More In Love" single, a always exemplary soul-jazz midtempo joy. And now "The Journey". A preliminary endpoint and a summary of a musical journey and a new departure. Elegant appearance, varied program. The married couple, both of whom are blessed with a pastoral parental home, embark on an expansive journey between Gospel. Jazz, blues and soul. A powerful start at the "Block Party", whose driving rhythm is carried on hands and can not be stopped by heavy organ and trumpet. The party guests also provide for a lively atmosphere - an 8-minute steam engine. Time for rest - time for a jazz-soul gospel with a traditional background ("Great Is Thy Faithfulness") and a superior-elegant version of Herbie Hancock's "Tell Me A Story", borne by the pure tone of Mrs. Baylor. Then it goes up and down - lyrical passages are blown by casual jazz, which often relies on piano, the big bass, various horn inlays and the drumming drumming game. A tour in which even the encounter with Gassenhauer of the statue of Gershwin's "Summertime" is joyfully registered. The couple itself calls it "Feel Good Music" - since we close ourselves times unasked and add the addition "... but with a call".

by Joerg Schmitt