"The music heard on “The Journey” is like taking a stroll through the Baylors’ life, too. But the genres heard on the album also put different styles of music from the African-American community into conversation with one another." Read the full interview.

by Will Gordon


Philly pride for Temple University alum and former member of the platinum singing duo, Zhane’ (Hey Mister DJ) Jean Baylor and her husband of over 15 years, drummer Marcus Baylor (previously with the Yellowjackets) garnered two GRAMMY® nominations for their debut CD, “The Journey”. Read full interview here.

by Dyana Williams


"The Baylor Project's "Laugh and Move On" is indeed soul food and musical medicine."

by Kimberly “Butta” Hines


"Elegant appearance, varied program." Read full German review here.

by Joerg Schmitt


SOUL TRACKS (First Look Video)

The Baylor Project is stunning on "Laugh and Move On". Marcus and Jean have now released a cool video for the ballad, “Laugh and Move On.” Set in a starkly white studio, with nothing but the artists playing and Jean standing at the microphone, the video is a stunning accompaniment to a beautiful song. Read the full feature here.

by Soul Tracks


“Sonny & Cher, Captain & Tennille and Kindred the Family Soul are just a few of our favorite married musical duos from over the years, and now we're adding another to the list with The Baylor Project. Jean and Marcus Baylor are movements by themselves, and with the release of The Journey they'll show that they're a force when they're together." Read full feature here. 

by Kimberly “Butta” Hines


“I heard a quote, ‘If you want to know what African American people are going through, check out the music of that time period.’ I feel like that in some kind of way, our music and sound reflect what we’re dealing with as a people." Read full interview.

by Mary L. Datcher


"A former Yellowjacket and his creative/life partner drop a funky and finely detailed collection that isn’t shy to show a little tenderness or to head down lots of creative avenues. "The versatile drummer also shines while energizing the well-traveled “Our Love Is Here to Stay,” channeling Elvin Jones on Afro Blue, and ad-libbing on the free-form Journey.” Read the full feature here.

by Robin Tolleson


"God is in The House ever after. You’re in church, at a carnival, in the club, at the Jook Joint; indeed you’ll want to be wherever The Baylor Project is." Read the full review here.

by Raul Da Gama


Married musicians vocalist Jean Baylor and drummer Marcus Baylor have created a captivating “project” that meets at the 3-way intersection of Jazz, Gospel and Legacy. Read the full feature here.

by A. Scott Galloway


"The Journey" is a journey of Jean and Marcus Baylor back to the deep world of the artist and to the layers and the things moving it and make it meaningful. "The Journey" is a journey for the listener, led by skilled storytellers. The project is marked by intimacy and sharing, and some of the songs sound like a prayer."

by Таня Иванова



"Here is another great example of genre-crossing music where it really doesn’t matter how you want to call it. There is a lot of jazz, soul, funk, r&b, gospel, and spititual included in the new album by Jean and Marcus Baylor." Read the full 4-star review here.

by Matthias Kirsch





"Together, The Baylors released The Journey on February 10th, their self-produced debut which is a mixture of gospel, blues, soul, and jazz  and shows their unique and authentic musicianship." Read full feature here.

by Dominique Carson